Havanese Health
What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Puppy

As breeders, our goal at Charmin Havanese & Bolognese is to breed happy and healthy puppies.

The Havanese is primarily a long lived, healthy dog, but there may be the possibility of health issues that you
should be aware of BEFORE you chose your Havanese, and your breeder.

When we, as humans, began breeding dogs for the size and functions that we wanted, occasionally we
got what we didn't want also. For example, large breeds can develop hip dysplasia, white dogs may
carry the deaf gene, etc. In the case of the Havanese, there was a reduction of the breeding gene pool at a
point in time when there were a very limited number of Havanese in the free world. Most of the resulting
problems, such as Juvenile cataracts, and orthopedic issues such as patellar luxation, have been
greatly reduced due to selective and ethical breeding practices. However, breeders should remain
responsible by breeding only health tested parents.

With this in mind, our Havanese sires and dams are:
1)  examined by an AVCO board certified Opthalmologist and certified (CERF)
free of cataracts and other hereditary eye diseases.
2) Examined by our veterinarian to rule out Patellar Luxation.
3) Examined by our veterinarian and certified to be free of
any obvious cardiac defect or condition via ausculation.
Each has an OFA Cardiac clearance.

As the Havanese have increased
in popularity, so have the number of breeders.
Caring, knowledgeable and conscientious
breeders should address and provide this information
to you, as well as a written health guarantee against
all debilitating congenital problems.