Appropriate steps have been taken to raise a healthy puppy and in the future a healthy dog. Clearances on the parent(s) for patellar luxation, cardiac soundness, and/or eyes does not guarantee that the puppy will not have patellar, elbow, & or eye related problems in the future or will pass health clearances for these issues. However, it has been shown that healthy parents are significantly more likely to produce healthy offspring with a reduced risk of serious health problems. It is important to note however that all living creatures are subject to health problems including those that are life threatening even when there is no
history of this problem in the animal’s background.

Charmin Lapwarmers (hereafter referred to as “The Breeder”) hopes that you will enjoy your new puppy for many years to come! We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your new puppy arrives healthy, including having your puppy seen by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving our home. Please read the guarantee thoroughly so you understand exactly the procedure that needs to be followed from the regular arrival-checkup to ensure the puppy’s well being and validation of the guarantee to any claim that has to be made.

Date of Agreement:
Purchaser Name and Contact Information:

Date of Birth or Due Date of Litter:
Puppy’s Parents:
Microchip # (to be completed by Breeder):


1.The Purchaser must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) working days of puppy’s arrival. Weekends and public holidays are excluded as they are not seen as normal working days (we do however recommend that you get the puppy to the veterinarian as soon as possibly convenient within the time frame).

2.The Breeder must be informed immediately of the examination’s result. Once your puppy receives a clean bill of health please either mail us a note or email us to confirm that the puppy passed the exam and is in good health at the time of the exam. We ask for this to be done via mail or email so that we can file a hard copy for our records. If there is a health issue, please be sure to include a written statement describing the condition and prognosis / treatment plan completed by your veterinarian.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in the cancellation of your guarantee!

3.The Breeder guarantees the puppy against the following fatal viruses for 72 hours after leaving Charmin Lapwarmer’s care:  Distemper, Parvo Virus, and Corona Virus. It does NOT include Coccidia, Giardia, and / or Kennel Cough (these are common treatable bacterial and parasitic and are treatable).

4.Our companion puppies are sold under a spay/neuter agreement and are NOT to be used for breeding. The Buyer agrees to have puppy spayed / neutered within 7 months of date of purchase. A registration application or individual registration form will be given to the buyer within 60 days of our receiving written proof of spay / neuter (a form for your veterinarian will be provided when your puppy goes home).

5.The dog must have “Charmin” or “Charmin’s” as the first word of its registered name as a condition of sale and as a condition sale and of this guarantee.

6.Our goal is to produce a companion dog, therefore no guarantee is made at the time of sale regarding show and/or breeding potential of said dog.

7. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, appearance, veterinary expenses including any expense in fulfilling provisions of this guarantee, resolving disagreements with family members/roommates and or a landlord, and temperament of the above-described animal once it has left the breeder's premises.

8.The buyer agrees that the puppy will be given adequate and proper protection from the weather and other animals, adequate housing, will be sufficiently fed, and will not be neglected or mistreated in any manner. The buyer also agrees that the puppy shall receive regular veterinary care throughout its lifetime and that all inoculations will be maintained.

9.In order to always provide a home for the puppy the buyer grants the breeder "First Right of Refusal" if the dog is to be sold or disposed of in any manner. In simple terms: please contact us before placing your puppy / dog in another home, giving us first opportunity to take him or her back. We want to know our puppies are safe and happy. Thank you!

10.This guarantee covers your puppy until 14 months of age against fatal and life altering congenital and genetic diseases which adversely affect the health of the animal. This includes: severe luxating patellas, severe hip and elbow dysplasia which hampers the dog’s movement and natural gait and requires surgery to correct, generalized demodectic mange (not localized), kidney and heart failure, spine and liver problems of a severe and life threatening nature. In such event, the breeder will replace the puppy with another of equivalent value within 9 months upon receipt of an official veterinary report outlining diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for the puppy / dog. The purchaser is responsible for all veterinary fees for the affected puppy, as well as transportation and associated expenses for the replacement puppy.

11.In the event this guarantee is exercised, the registration papers must be returned to The Breeder.

12.In the case of severe hip of elbow dysplasia, the radiograph should be permanently identified in the film emulsion with microchip number as verified by the attending veterinarian, registered name and / or number, date of birth, and name of the veterinarian or hospital making the film, and date of radiograph taken. Furthermore, the radiograph and report must meet OFA’s standard submission requirements. Not providing the information above will result in a cancellation of the guarantee.

13.Congenital and genetic diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by this guarantee. Such diseases are: grade 1-2 heart murmur, grade 1-2 luxating patellas, localized mange, bladder stones, inverted eyelids, and undescended testicles.

14.Any serious report must be officially written up with the clinic’s official headed paper and signed by the veterinarian. The official report including the dog’s date of birth, registered name / number, and microchip number must be either scanned and emailed or mailed to us postmarked within 48 hours of the examination. The report must be clear and precise stating the symptoms, exact problem, severity and the test(s) that have been done (i.e. x-ray, ultrasound, blood test(s), etc.). A second (2nd) official licensed veterinarian’s report from a state licensed veterinarian will also be needed stating the same problem. It must also be on an official headed paper and signed.  The second report must be done as soon as conveniently possible (within a maximum of 2 weeks from the first report). Clear digital photos and / or video may also be requested to verify a problem. Before any claim is granted, The Breeder’s licensed veterinarian or specialist will have to view and approve the validity of the claim.

15.The Breeder will not be responsible for veterinarian fees or costs. The purchaser is aware that owning a puppy / dog means trips to the veterinarian and understands the he / she will be responsible for all payments. Veterinary care including vaccines, de-worming and heartworm treatment / prevention plus regular check-ups are all a part of pet ownership and small problems should be treated before escalating into bigger ones. The guarantee will not cover improper care of neglect by the purchaser!

16.Purchaser agrees to feed the puppy with premium dog food and not allow the puppy to become obese. The Breeder advises the purchaser to keep the puppy separate from other dogs in and out of the house until the veterinarian has giving him / her a clean bill of health.

17.The Breeder is not responsible for temperament issues as they can be caused by a lack of training, discipline, or dog socialization. Purchaser is strongly encouraged to attend obedience classes with puppy.

18.Deposits are non-refundable. Should purchaser decide to forego bringing puppy home when he or she has been weaned and ready to go home (at 8 weeks of age or after, as determined by The Breeder), purchaser then forfeits any and all monies which were paid as a good-faith deposit. Deposits are non-transferable, and apply only to the specific litter / puppy and purchaser as indicated within this Agreement.

19.After 48 hours, all sales are final, subject only to the Agreement herein.

20.Notes / Special Conditions of Sale and / or pre-existing health conditions which are exempt from this guarantee, if Applicable:

Deposit Amount, if Applicable:     $______________
Total Purchase price:  $______________
MN Residents MUST add 6.5% Sales Tax Based Upon Total Purchase Price.  Sales Tax, If Applicable:   $______________

MISCELLANEOUS: Transportation and associated fees, if applicable:
(note: these costs are non-refundable / not considered a part of the purchase price:            $______________

Purchase Acknowledges Reading, Understanding, and Agreeing to Terms of this Contract:

Purchaser’s Signature:___________________________________________ Date:___________
Breeder’s Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:___________

An executed copy of this Agreement will be provided upon receipt of your puppy. Thank you!