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Born 01/26/2011

She is a miracle dog, for sure.  Fanni became very ill at the end of her pregnancy, so she was rushed to the vet and the puppies were
taken caesarean and Annie remained gravely ill.  Out of the four puppies that were born prematurely, only this one little girl was
alive the next day.  Certain that our Lovely Fanni was not long for the world, we named this little girl "Fannie's Little Annie", since 
we thought she would be an orphan.  But Momma Fannie surprised us and is alive to this day, now 13 years of age. 
Annie was definitely premature and we were not sure what would happen, but my daughter, Denise, 
set her up in a special box with a heating pad and fed her every two hours, which meant Annie 
and her special box went everywhere Denise did, resting by her feet, under her desk, at work.  As the
days and weeks went by, she was loved by many co-workers and friends and was certainly highly socialized for a little puppy. 

    if you are interested  in one of Annie's puppies
 and would like to make a deposit and be put on a waiting list.  
Please text 320-224-0783, or email  brookviewalpacas@tds.net   
Please tell us about your home, family, and plans for the pup. Thank you!

Fanni (momma!)

One look into those eyes and you are hooked!  
Mama, Annie
Papa, Bak
And today she is a 
beautiful, healthy, 
wonderful dog