We live on a small ranch in Northern Minnesota. I am in my golden years (retired from a career in business) and enjoying raising and showing Alpacas and these adorable little dogs!

You can see our Alpacas at our Alpaca website, if you are curious (click here!).My daughter and her family actively show Labradors and Golden Retrievers in both conformation and in performance events, and as the years have gone by, I have become more and more interested in joining them in the fun! I have always been a ''small breed"  owner, having companion poodles share my home for my entire adult life, so when I looked into getting involved in showing dogs, my heart led me to "lap warmers!"
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Welcome to our home on the web! I hope you enjoy your visit!

A little about us...

In the summer of 2007, my daugter and I searched for just the right breed for me.  I wanted a small or toy breed dog, one that made for a great companion and lap dog. One that was intelligent and easy to live with. One that wanted to please and wanted to spend time with me.In our search, we narrowed it down to two breeds the Havanese and the Bolognese. Try as I could, I could just not choose one breed over the other. Both of these breeds are delightful, happy little dogs! I just adore everything about them! So, long story short, I decided to get both!

Our family now has Bolos and Havanese to warm our hearts and our laps!
We are enjoying showing our fun little dogs in shows,
but most importantly we are enjoying having them in our family!

Thank you for taking time to visit us!

Janice Briggs (and family!)

We are proud to feed our dogs:
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